Foraged items are often beautiful, yet so often dismissed
'Very imaginative, original beautifully executed.  You catch the essence of what I as the customer asked for and carried it out in a superbly creative manner'
'My wife and I were utterly surprised to receive such a unique, personalized gift to mark our silver wedding anniversary.  The french theme and informal interpretation was inspired and captured the essence of wonderful friendships' - Thank you
'Such care taken in making a very personal and appreciated gift'
'Encapsulating the spirit of a theme, the wrapping is as lovely as the artwork itself and perfectly reflects the autumnal theme it depicts'

'Her attention to detail has ensured that each piece is entirely personal and perfect for the occasion.
I am always delighted by her creations'
Bespoke Commissions for all Occasions
Thank you - Hello - New Boy - New Girl - Congratulations - New Home - Anniversary - Good Luck - Bon Voyage - Get Well Soon - Thinking of You - Wedding Bells - Adoptions - Barmitzvahs - Ordinations - Cards for Septuagenarians/Octogenarians/Nonagenarians/Centenarians - Christmas - Valentines
Reviving Tired Fashion Pieces
Finding jewellery I liked for my wedding day I found difficult, so for the ultimate unique pieces I indulged my passion for vintage & retro creating my own, combining precious family heirlooms and tiny finds that I held dear
With a passion for collecting and being creative, a well practised process began.   The bringing together of paintwork techniques, recycling of everyday objects and embroidery to produce individual, beautifully crafted keepsake pieces for that special occasion
Recycling and foraging is the core in reviving and reinterpreting tired fashion pieces with a colourful twist